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Dash Courageous & The MorningStar Legion

-The Black Brigade-


“The world is depending on you, Dash!” said The President holding my shoulders. His grip tight, with wrinkled brow, silver-white haired head and shiny blue eyes. He was a man of dignity–proper–as does the office of President commands.

But not today. Kali Baki, chief of the Black Brigade, sent a message by way of Aero plane with five hundred pounds of gun powder crash-landing on the White House front lawn.

The explosion was a red and orange cloud. One could almost hear the cold laughter of Kali in the bellows of smoke rising.

This was his message of disapproval toward the U.S. for attempting the break-up of the Red Alliance. The fact that the plane hit U.S. soil was one thing, it was another for it to get into White House airspace. This little debacle made the head of security wish he was only a common janitor.

That’s why he called me. My name–is Dash Courageous. Leader of the MorningStar Legion. Special secret combat unit empowered in 1923 by the president of the United States to protect its borders from external threats that aim to endanger the safety and security of this great nation.

Intel had given me, after my meeting with the President, a location of one of the Black Brigade’s strongholds somewhere off the coast of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. A small island not on most maps.

I, and a small five man unit consisted of: Blowout-explosives expert: Hunter- tracker and weapons expert: Dante- Electronics expert and communications: Jammer- Tactical analyst and all around world encyclopedia: and me, MorningStar: expert in hand-to-hand combat and aero plane pilot.

We flew a modified transport plane high enough over the Mediterranean Sea for radar not to pick us up. Jammer and the rest of Legion were in the back, plotting out our course of entrance to the hidden encampment Intel said was in the middle of the nameless Island.

The skies were dark, rich with stars and deep in clouds. The moon was nestled, sleeping in those clouds.

I thought back, remembering when I’d first met Kali. It was when there was no Black Legion and Kali Baki was just a bodyguard for the Chinese embassy.

I was presidential security, back before Legion.

“They are talking about peace with China.” I said with hope in my voice.

“You are too much the optimist, Dash.” Kali said overlooking the ceremony room.


“Peace is for those that cannot take the truth of life.”

“And what truth is that?”

He laid his sharp brown-eyes on me, “That–it ends.”

A smile crept slowly across his light brown-Chinese skin.

I wasn’t sure what he meant that day.


Suddenly Jammer was screaming, “MorningStar! Ground to air rockets on a direct heading!”

“What! How did they get us on radar! We should be above it! Tell everyone to strap in, this’ll get kinda bumpy!”

Two rockets appeared.

I had a split second to do something about it!

…….to be continued…..or not!


Will Dash Courageous and The MorningStar Legion escape the approaching peril of the Black Brigade’s deadly rockets of Death?……Wait with baited breath next week’s thrilling and exciting installment!!!


originally published on FLASH IN THE GUTTERS-

Blazing! Adventures Magazine


When the US is threatened by nefarious evil, they call upon one man whose fantastic powers could save them all from the clutches of an unknown horror:


They call upon-


Agent G-9

Falling Inferno!

The sky--was falling.

You'd never figure that ever being something you'd think about as skyscraper after skyscraper collapsed like dominoes upon each other above you.

It came hard, fast, and burning. It slammed into the foundation of the first building, sending a sonic boom that pin-balled off other buildings, shattering thick glassed windows and human eardrums.

Many more came, torrential, consuming, cascading. Blue-day skies shifted to black-amber smears, with black acid clouds holding hellfire in its wake.

Panic was not a word anymore, it was a way of life. Sealed in a moment, boring its way into every soul, holding on to existence for dear life.

No one saw it coming.

.......but I did.

I stood there, glaring out of a wide landscape window that overlooked a city--set aflame by the holocaust from above.

Admiring the historic event that shall send waves of terror and confusion all over the world.

The hellfire magnet nesseled deep underneath the city was working up to spec.

Doctor Shiva does his work well. An extra billion in gold should make him happy.

It's hard to come by a scientist that has the ability to create a powerful magnet, able to pull--screaming out of the Neitherworld, Domasque meteor demons: that spend most of their time hovering around soot and feeding on raining sheets of human blood supplied by the deaths enacted everyday by the evolved chimps that deemed themselves--superior--to the rest of the animal kingdom.

"Chavas?" I called to my servant who stood in the waiting.

"Yes, Mister Inferno?" The drawl exceptionally heavy in his type of false angel I'd caught long ago on a trek through Tibet.

"Place a call to Doctor Shiva. Tell him to expect his final payment and a little bonus on top of it." I didn't take my eye off the blazing hellscape before me. I waved Chavas away.

"Yes, Mister Inferno. Shall I sign the message by your full name?" The cold paleness of Chavas' white skin and jet black eyes reflected in the window's convex shape.

I had him wear a black butler's suit just for a kick.

"Oh no, my dear angel. I'm not going to kill Shiva. No one is privy to the sound nor sight of my full name. Such a thing would destroy half the know universe. No, my dear Chavas, just sign it Inferno as usual."

"Yes, Mister Inferno."

"Oh, and Chavas? Leave the skylight open. I expect Agent G-9 to come in full force in a few moments. I'd like to have as little damage as possible this time. Heroes can be so troublesome and destructive to one's abode. No patience at all. Conversation becomes a lost art when they're in a hurry to save the world."

"Yes, Mister Inferno."

Now, all I had to do was wait. G-9 worked for the 0.S.S. Working to save the world from the threat of Hitler and his Third Reich.

Too bad he always ignores the threat in his own backyard.

Third-rate villian, HAH! This aught to kick me up a notch.

Here he comes now-

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