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Blazing! Adventures Magazine, Issue 5, May 2008

CJ Ferguson

Lives and works in Tucson, Arizona. His pulp-oriented stories have appeared in Plots With Guns, Hardluck, The Eldritch Dark, Pegasus Monthly, and Dark Moon Rising. When not writing he . . . well, that's mostly what he does. Literary influences include Joe R. Lansdale, Fritz Leiber, and Charles Willeford.

The Stieger Sanction-

Part 1 :PDF

Part 2:PDF

Part 3: PDF

Part 4:PDF





-Sarah Black-

Story: 'The Horsemen'

The Facts:

What I have eaten today: French Toast and a Gyro and 2 pots coffee.

Favorite National Park: Glacier, Big Bend runner up

Helpful skill: Can start a campfire in any weather

Favorite stories: Cowboys, evil is defeated, happy ending (of sorts)

Check her out at:

Check her out at:

Serial: Available here:

The Curse of The Guadalajara Rose-

Part 1 :-PDF-

Part 2:-PDF-

Part 3:-PDF-

Part 4:-PDF-

Part 5:-PDF-

For more about her, go to:

Partners in Crime with Josh Lanyon available at Amazon-

Partners in Crime with Josh Lanyon available at Amazon-






Ahmed A. Khan




Is a Canadian writer, originally from India. He has sold works to several magazines including Interzone, HP Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, Ideomancer, Strange Horizons, Anotherealm, etc. He
has recently edited the anthology, "SF Waxes Philosophical"
, available

He maintains

a weblog at

Story: Available here:


Charles Schaeffer




the author, has published short mystery fiction in Woman's World, Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, New England Writers' Network, Dana Literary Society's Online Journal, Mysterical- E, Burst, Apollo's Lyre, Crimson Dagger, Great Mystery and Suspense Magazine, Crime and Suspense. He is two-time winner of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine's "Mysterious Photo" Contest.

Story: Available here:

Holidays for Fools








Robert Collins

Asylett Press published my first SF novel, Expert Assistance; I've sold a second SF novel to eTreasures Publishing. I've sold over 60 short stories and as many articles. Pelican Publishing has released two of my biographies. I've had six Kansas railroad books published by South Platte Press.


Story: Available here:

Surgard & The Bog Monsters

Brian Haycock

Lives in Austin, Texas, where he has worked mainly for non-profit organizations. He enjoys running (especially in the summer heat), hiking and reading stories of all kinds. His stories have appeared on Thuglit, Nefarious, Crime and Suspense, Yellow Mama, Grim Graffiti, Reflection's Edge, The Cynic and Pulp Pusher. Unlike the people he writes about, he is law-abiding and reasonably sane. Really.

Story: Available here:

Dead Run




Some say he's a myth. A man lost to the annuals of time, here to tell the tales lost to the past, hidden deep in the recesses of his mind. Some say he was trapped in a cryo-tube, kept there in stasis, made to wait for the time when the need was great, and the roaring stories that captivated the minds of youth and old alike were needed once again!

The time is now, the balance is lost........DASH COURAGEOUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read his flash fiction & his incredible exploits, along with Agent G-9!

Flash Fiction: Available here:

Dash Courageous & The MorningStar Legion/Agent G-9


More >>


Billy Wong

Is an avid fan of heroic fantasy, with a special love for hardcore warriors of the fairer sex. His fiction has appeared in many venues including Afterburn SF, Sorcerous Signals, Blazing Adventures Magazine, and The Written Word.

Story: Available here:

Love at First Fight!

Check out:

a full list of his published works can be found here:









Teel James Glenn

Is a professional fight choreographer, stuntman and actor. He has four books with ePress Online: Death at Dragonthroat, Tales of a Warrior Priest, and Knight Errant: Death and Life at the Faire, and a nonfiction book on how to write action scenes for writers.


Story: Available here:

The Wheel of Fate


For more information:

Follow his further adventures at



Mick Dawson







In his time Mick been a biker, soldier and scab. Until recently, he was a single father. He currently resides on the Richmond bank of the Hawkesbury River. At the moment, he isout of work and therefore am on the way to writing full time.

Story: Available here:

The Good he Ought to Do




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