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Blazing! Adventures Magazine, Issue 4, January 2008

Chris. J. Wright

Is also published as Towsend Twainhart. Chris has also written hundreds of articles for commercial magazines, first published in the International Game Warden in 1985. Other magazines he has written for include: Wild West, True West, Califonia Highway Patrolman, California Territorial, Inyo Album, Senior, Old West, Gold Prospectors.

Serial: Available here:

Grit & Lust-

Part 1 :Death at Quintana Roo

Part 2:The Treasures of Miguel Cabrera

Part 3:The Loot in San Juan De Rio

Part 4:Deceived Victory




-Allen Wise-

Lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and pets. He's active in
the writing community there and also finds time to do some work in real
estate and is trying to launch a comic book series in the vein of Hellboy.
If you know a good artist, feel free to contact him.

Story: Available here:

'Black Shore'

For more about him, go to:

Mel Cartagena







Born in New York. Raised in Puerto Rico. Living currently in northeastern Massachusetts. Short fiction/nonfiction published in magazines in Canada, England and America. Published Fever Sweat, a short story collection in 2005. Currently seeking a publisher for his two novels, developing a graphic novel, and looking to produce an independent movie in the near future.

Story: Available here:


R. Scott McCoy





Is the author of several articles and chapters dealing with physical and cyber security and is new to the world of fiction writing. Scott was born in the wilds of Alaska and raised in Minnesota, where he currently lives with his wife, two daughters and three dogs.

Story: Available here:

A Boy & His Gun










Lewayne L. White

Lewayne L. White is a stay at home dad who lives in Iowa with his wife, Becky; and their children, Dagan and Aisyln. His work has also appeared in the online magazines Planet Magazine, and Bewildering Stories. Lewayne welcomes comments at his myspace page and


Story: Available here:

Preacher's Girl

Xavier Treadwell


A strong black Kat that's a throwback from the 70's. He loves Walter Mosley books, he's down with Chester Himes, reads P.K. Dick, William Gibson & Frank Herbert and writes modern & futuristic pulp

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Story: Available here:

The Last of The Living Monolith




Some say he's a myth. A man lost to the annuals of time, here to tell the tales lost to the past, hidden deep in the recesses of his mind. Some say he was trapped in a cryo-tube, kept there in stasis, made to wait for the time when the need was great, and the roaring stories that captivated the minds of youth and old alike were needed once again!

The time is now, the balance is lost........DASH COURAGEOUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read his flash fiction & his incredible exploits, along with Agent G-9!

Flash Fiction: Available here:

Dash Courageous & The MorningStar Legion/Agent G-9


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Sarah Black


The Facts:

What I have eaten today: French Toast and a Gyro and 2 pots coffee.

Favorite National Park: Glacier, Big Bend runner up

Helpful skill: Can start a campfire in any weather

Favorite stories: Cowboys, evil is defeated, happy ending (of sorts)


Partners in Crime with Josh Lanyon available at Amazon-

Story: Available here:

The Horsemen

Check her out at:









Teel James Glenn

Is a professional fight choreographer, stuntman and actor. He has four books with ePress Online: Death at Dragonthroat, Tales of a Warrior Priest, and Knight Errant: Death and Life at the Faire, and a nonfiction book on how to write action scenes for writers.


Story: Available here:

The Jungle of Night: A Jungle Lord Adventure


For more information:

Follow his further adventures at



Garnett Elliot







Lives and works in Tucson, Arizona. His pulp-oriented stories have appeared in Plots With Guns, Hardluck, The Eldritch Dark, Pegasus Monthly, and Dark Moon Rising. When not writing he . . . well, that's mostly what he does. Literary influences include Joe R. Lansdale, Fritz Leiber, and Charles Willeford.

Story: Available here:

Rendezvous on Zombi Island




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