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Blazing! Adventures Magazine, Issue 3, September 2007

John Stephens aka 'Claude Balz'

Born 1944 in Orlando, Florida. Military dependent. Lived in 14 continental United States and Hawaii, plus Canada, England, Germany, and France. US Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War. BA International Relations, California State University Sacramento. Retired professional surveyor, specializing in highways, bridges, and tunnels. Loves Jesus, sailing, and writing

Serial: Available here:

The Black Madonna:

Part 1 :Jambalaya Jim

Part 2:Mettez Les bons Temps Rouler

Part 3:The Black Madonna

Part 4:Black Water Rising, Black Water Down

Part 5:I Dream of Julia




-Daniel R. Robichaud-

Story: 'Heed, The Hell-Bound'

Daniel R. Robichaud is a mad scientist and fiction writer in central Massachusetts. When not tormenting lab rats or stranded travelers (really what's the difference?) in his gothic castle, he can be found gallivanting 'round the world with his macabre madam, err, wife The Scintillating Trista. Keep up on his misdeeds at:


Story: Available here:

Heed, The Hell-Bound


For more visit him at:

Matt Casey







Matt Casey writes for a living, but he's left the textured world of newspapers in favor of the glossy print of magazine pages. It's not as glamorous as it sounds, but it comes with free drinks. That's not as glamorous as it sounds either.

Serial: Available here:

Part 1 :Atomic Visions

Part 2:BrokeDown Visions

Part 3:Runaway Visions

Raymond Embrack





Raymond Embrack is a Paperback writer
You can find out more at:

Story: Available here:

Last Bravo










Lewayne L. White

Lewayne L. White is a stay at home dad who lives in Iowa with his wife, Becky; and their children, Dagan and Aisyln. His work has also appeared in the online magazines Planet Magazine, and Bewildering Stories. Lewayne welcomes comments at his myspace page and


Story: Available here:

Tote Soldaten

J.K. Sager


Josh Sager is a 28 year old martial arts instructor/New York State Government employee. While his reading interests vary from the classical (Poe) to the Candy (Cussler), he feels most comfortable writing pulpy tales of adventure. Other writings can be found in Welcome to Devil’s Gulch and SALT.

Story: Available here:

All That Glitters




Some say he's a myth. A man lost to the annuals of time, here to tell the tales lost to the past, hidden deep in the recesses of his mind. Some say he was trapped in a cryo-tube, kept there in stasis, made to wait for the time when the need was great, and the roaring stories that captivated the minds of youth and old alike were needed once again!

The time is now, the balance is lost........DASH COURAGEOUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read his flash fiction & his incredible exploits, along with Agent G-9!

Flash Fiction: Available here:

Dash Courageous & The MorningStar Legion/Agent G-9


More >>


Gail McAbee

Is the author of THE DARK LEGACY, Coming soon from Calderwood Books.
"Lost in the misty past....threatened by the deadliest foes....running low on dog biscuits...can Noah and Holli survive?"

Coming soon from Double Dragon: ESCAPE THE PAST and FLIGHT TO MALMILLARD
Now at Awe-Struck: A WILL OF HER OWN

Story: Available here:

Lord Ghul & The Princes

Check her out at:









Teel James Glenn

Is a professional fight choreographer, stuntman and actor. He has four books with ePress Online: Death at Dragonthroat, Tales of a Warrior Priest, and Knight Errant: Death and Life at the Faire, and a nonfiction book on how to write action scenes for writers.

Stories Available here:

Hero Adventure:The Damned Cargo

Serials: Available here:

Part 1: The Height Of Arrogance

Part 2: Shades Of Death

Fantansy:Blind Contract

For more information:

Follow his further adventures at

Chris. J. Wright

Is also published as Towsend Twainhart. Chris has also written hundreds of articles for commercial magazines, first published in the International Game Warden in 1985. Other magazines he has written for include: Wild West, True West, Califonia Highway Patrolman, California Territorial, Inyo Album, Senior, Old West, Gold Prospectors.

Story: Available here:

The Lady Killer

Article: 'True Adventure'


Billy Wong







Billy Wong is an avid fan of fiction has heroic fantasy, with a special love of hardcore warriors of the Stories fairer sex. Favorite authors of Wong's include David Gemmell, Elizabeth Moon, and Steven Pressfield. His fiction has previously appeared in Literal Translations:

Story: Available here:

Bleeding Iron


Check him out at:

He does not yet have his own website, but those craving more Rose can go there:


Glenn Gray







Glenn Gray is a Radiologist in private practice. His stories have appeared in Thuglit, DZ Allen’s Muzzle Flash, Powder Burn Flash, Bewildering Stories, Underground Voices and Out Of The Gutter 3. Contact him at -

Story: Available here:





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