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Blazing! Adventures Magazine, Issue 2, April 2007


Xavier Treadwell

A strong black Kat that's a throwback from the 70's. He loves Walter Mosley books, he's down with Chester Himes, and writes modern black pulp series starring Moses Gunn:

Serials: Available here:

Part 1: GUN

Part 2:GUNS





-Wofgang Von Carney-

a.k.a, Patrick Lambe


Since taking his Archaeology degree from Miskatonic University, Wofgang Von Carney’s taken part in archeology expeditions on several continents. At home sipping champagne and exchanging quips at the Algonquin Round Table, or cavorting with painted women in Oriental opium dens in their native tongue, he has decided to turn his delicate, yet manly, hand to writing-

Story: Available here:

Whore Of Lemuria


For more visit him at:

Gary Lovisi






Is an Edgar-nominated author for the Best Short Story of 2005,
founder of Gryphon Books, and publisher of Paperback Parade,
a magazine devoted to all aspects of the collectable paperback field.

For more information on him or his publications-


Article: 'Falcon Books'

For more visit him at:

Ron Capshaw








Is an academic with a guilty love of pulps & gets schizophrenia every month by writing pulp and academic articles. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Story: Available here:

Murder On The Train of History









Keith Gilman

Gilman is a cop that writes crime fiction. His stories have been featured in a variety of internet crime magazines including Thuglit, Demolition, Orchard Press Mysteries and Blazing Adventures Magazine. His flash fiction has appeared in Muzzle Flash and is coming soon to MFOB-


Story: Available here:

'Nice Round Numbers'

John Harper


Is a 24 year old project engineer in Wellington, New Zealand. I am into motorsport, cricket and rugby.
Writing has been an old passion of mine and I have recently started sending work out for publication.
I am a fan of fast paced action adventure stories and that is how I write, though I mainly write science fiction.

Favourite authors include Matthew Reilly and Lee Child-

Story: Available here:





Some say he's a myth. A man lost to the annuals of time, here to tell the tales lost to the past, hidden deep in the recesses of his mind. Some say he was trapped in a cryo-tube, kept there in stasis, made to wait for the time when the need was great, and the roaring stories that captivated the minds of youth and old alike were needed once again!

The time is now, the balance is lost........DASH COURAGEOUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read his flash fiction & his incredible exploits, along with Agent G-9!

Flash Fiction: Available here:

Dash Courageous & The MorningStar Legion/Agent G-9


More >>


Dwight Geddes



Was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and attended Jamaica College (HS) prior to moving to New York, where he attended Pace and York College. He has worked as a paralegal and insurance investigator, and started an insurance consulting and investigation company in 2000.

He draws inspiration from Donald Goines, Ian Fleming, Robert Ludlum, Frederick Forsythe & Walter Mosely. He is finishing work on “The Re-Up,” a second short story collection scheduled for publication in late 2007.

Story: Available here:

'Consequential Damages'


Check him out at:


Teel James Glenn

Is a professional fight choreographer, stuntman and actor. He has four books with ePress Online: Death at Dragonthroat, Tales of a Warrior Priest, and Knight Errant: Death and Life at the Faire, and a nonfiction book on how to write action scenes for writers.

Serials: Available here:

Part 1: The Height Of Arrogance

Part 2: Shades Of Death

Fantansy:Blind Contract

For more information:

Follow his further adventures at

Chris. J. Wright

Is also published as Towsend Twainhart. Chris has also written hundreds of articles for commercial magazines, first published in the International Game Warden in 1985. Other magazines he has written for include: Wild West, True West, Califonia Highway Patrolman, California Territorial, Inyo Album, Senior, Old West, Gold Prospectors.

Story: Available here:

The Lady Killer


Andrew Salmon









Lives and writes in Vancouver, BC. His fiction has appeared in numerous magazines including Parsec, Storyteller, TBT, Thirteen Stories and online at His first book, THE FORTY CLUB, was released last year and his new novel, THE DARK LAND, has just come out. Both are availabe at

Story: Available here:



Check him out at: and


Sylvia Nickels








Lives in Tennessee with her husband and a Chihuahua named Rosebud.
Her fantasy and mystery stories have been published in print, Communities
and Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, and ezines Bewildering Stories,
Orchard Press Mysteries, Judas, and T-Zero Writers Ezine. Her first mystery
novel set in East Tennessee is under consideration by a publisher and
she is working on a sequel.

Story: Available here:

The PI & The Dancer


Check her out at: &



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