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Blazing! Adventures Magazine, Issue 1, Oct./December 2006


Xavier Treadwell

A strong black Kat that's a throwback from the 70's. He loves Walter Mosley books, he's down with Chester Himes, and writes a modern black pulp series starring Moses Gunn:

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Raymond Embrack is the author of six novels, lives in Los Angeles, and is a man of few words!

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Matt Casey

Between wasting time and writing poorly-paid fiction, Matt Casey works for The Villager, a weekly newspaper in New Hampshire, where he writes poorly-paid news stories. Better counsel would suggest he change career paths, but the keyboard calls again. Got to go.

Serial: Available here:

Part 1 :Atomic Visions

Part 2:Runaway Visions

O'neil De Noux

His latest books: New Orleans Confidential, 1940s private-eye stories (PointBlank Press, 2006). New Orleans Irresistible, erotic detective stories (EAA Signature Series Books, 2006) & "Guilty of Dust and Sin" and "Maria's Hand" on Amazon Shorts (

Story: Available here:

Women Are Like Street Cars


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William Rae

William A. Rae listened to tapes of radio dramas (such as The Shadow) in his youth. Later, he discovered the works of H. P. Lovecraft, and the works of other great writers from that Golden Age. He has written comic books and role-playing game accessories for small-press publishers.

He lives in Colorado

Story: Available here:

A Dame To Die For




Some say he's a myth. A man lost to the annuals of time, here to tell the tales lost to the past, hidden deep in the recesses of his mind. Some say he was trapped in a cryo-tube, kept there in stasis, made to wait for the time when the need was great, and the roaring stories that captivated the minds of youth and old alike were needed once again!

The time is now, the balance is lost........DASH COURAGEOUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read his flash fiction & his incredible exploits, along with Agent G-9!

Flash Fiction: Available here:

Dash Courageous & The MorningStar Legion/Agent G-9


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John Allen Small

John Allen Small is an award-winning journalist and columnist and a contributor to the 2005 anthology "Myths For The Modern Age: Philip Jose Farmer's World Newton Universe". He resides in Ravia, Oklahoma, with his wife Melissa and sons Joshua and William.

Story: Available here:

Joshua Williams Breaks A Date


His other writings can be viewed at the following websites: article

Teel James Glenn

Is a professional fight choreographer, stuntman and actor. He has four books with ePress Online: Death at Dragonthroat, Tales of a Warrior Priest, and Knight Errant: Death and Life at the Faire, and a nonfiction book on how to write action scenes for writers.

Serials: Available here:

Part 1: The Height Of Arrogance

Part 2: Shades Of Death

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Blazing! Adventures Magazine, Issue 1, part 2, Oct./December 2006

P.J. Lozito

Author of THE STING OF THE SILVER MANTICORE and a rock ‘n’ roll mystery I FOUGHT DELORES. His short stories have been in AMAZING HEROES III and the online magazine PLANETARY STORIES. A Brooklyn resident, his non-fiction writing has appeared in Scram, Interzone, Op, East Village Eye and Scary Monsters.

Story: Available here:

Clothes Make The Manticore

Nancy Sweetland

Lives in Green Bay, WI, has sold over 90 adult short stories as well as juvenile stories and seven picture books, and has regional and national awards. She's currently marketing two mystery novels and a mystery series for beginning readers.

Story: Available here:

Run Of The Mill

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